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Tower Design

Design of New Towers

Weisman Consultants Inc. can design a tower that meets your unique requirements.

Having your tower custom designed may be a key step in maximizing tower performance and Return On Investment (ROI).

Design Review

One must not purchase a tower without having the tower design reviewed by an engineering consultant. This an effective way of ensuring that your new tower will satisfy your specifications, the governing standards, the building code, and, very importantly, will perform properly through its life cycle.

One will recover the consultants fees, several times over, if areas of weakness or waste through overdesign are found.

Weisman Consultants Inc. has the knowledge and experience to review tower designs to verify their structural integrity and capacity. Ensure you are getting maximum value for the money you invest.

Design of Tower Upgrades

To ensure a tower continues to provide its owner and users with necessary ROI and services, tower upgrades may be required.

Weisman Consultants Inc. will help you reinforce your tower in a cost effective manner. We will only suggest what is necessary given public safety requirements and interests of the tower owner. As well, we have the industry knowledge to recommend reputable suppliers of required upgrades.

Upgrades are the best way to increase tower-derived revenue by extending tower capacity; however, they can also be an unnecessary or wasteful investment when upgrades are over-designed. Weisman Consultants Inc. will design the upgrades for your tower in a manner that maximizes utility per investment dollar. From simple design, material and placement of antenna braces to transmission line addition, our upgrade recommendations are structurally sound and cost effective.

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