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Training Engineers For Tower Analysis, Design, & Inspection

Our trainees receive certificates of completion, which qualify for professional development credits.

Tower analysis and design skills are not easily obtained, as even our most experienced engineers learn new methods and develop new tools from time to time. Training engineers who are new to the tower industry can be a time consuming and risky process, significantly stalling company throughput by tying up experienced engineers, or, alternatively, increasing company liability.

Weisman Consultants Inc. will train your engineers on tower analysis and design, drawing from our extensive industry knowledge and experience. We encourage the trainee to bring an actual project to the workshop so that the information and instruction is relevant, and the achievement is tangible. The workshop leader will answer questions from the trainee, and will ensure that important topics are covered.

Training Engineers in Tower Inspection

Inspecting towers requires attention to detail and thoroughness; if done improperly, it will to bring to light important information and potential problems.

Weisman Consultants Inc. will train your engineers to inspect towers efficiently and thoroughly, and to understand what they are looking for. Our Tower Inspection Process and Checklist will help your engineer leave the site with all of the required information.

Training Engineers To Use Guymast Tower Analysis Software

Guymast Inc. software is a comprehensive suite of tower analysis software designed to save engineering time while analyzing towers.

Although the software comes with manuals and excellent call-in support, Weisman Consultants Inc. advises both new and existing Guymast Inc. customers to enroll in our Software Training Program. The aim of this program is to guide engineers through the entire process of tower analysis, from data entry and trouble shooting to tower reinforcement and data output analysis. For more information about our software, please visit the Guymast Inc. site.

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