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Guymast software was first offered to the telecom and broadcast industry in 1985. Guymast was the first commercially available software for the analysis and design of lattice self-supporting and guyed towers specifically designed for engineers involved with broadcast and telecom towers.

This software has done much to promote better engineering in towers and helped launch many new tower consultants and tower fabricators, just as the wireless market was starting up.

Although its success has spawned a number of competing offerings of software, Guymast remains the only such software designed and maintained under the close supervision of tower engineers who are actually involved in tower analysis and design on a daily basis. Guymast still has a larger staff exclusively dedicated to the development and support of the tower software than does any of its competitors. There is no software group that has anyone who understands tower behaviour and software approaches better than the engineers at Guymast Inc.

Always look to Guymast for helpful and powerful innovations.

For more information and to visit www.guymast.com please click Here

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