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Site -Specific Values

Many tower failures have been attributed to wind and ice buildup on towers that were not designed with the capacity to bear it.

The higher the design wind and ice loads, the stiffer and stronger the structure must be made. However, excess capacity costs money, as does failure of the structure.

The appropriate site-specific design data can save you money on purchase or can justify the money you have to spend. This is particularly important in the case of existing towers, where expensive upgrades can be avoided, or their costs reduced, when the site-specific values are lower than the regionally representative values given in the standard. Conversely, should the site-specific values be higher, future performance and strength problems can be avoided.

International Climatic Evaluations Inc. (ICE) was created in 1996 to provide, with reliability and authority, site-specific wind speed profiles and radial ice values, world- wide, for use in tower design and analysis.

The company was founded by meteorological scientists and engineers and has, to date, provided many opinions on the appropriate site-specific values of design wind speed and design ice thickness for clients in The USA, Canada, The Middle East, Egypt, China, South East Asia, and the Pacific region.


Some of our clients have benifited considerably through the use of these site-specific values by avoiding both overestimating and underestimating the design values.

Weisman Consultants Inc is an authorized representative of ICE.

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