August 21, 2006

CSA Letter Ballot #5000 to the Technical Committee on Antenna Towers, which closed on August 7, 2006, formally reaffirmed CAN/CSA S37 01 on August 8, 2006. This means that this standard remains current for another 5 years. More from CSA at For commentary on S37 01 go to:


August 18, 2006

SMART-GUY - a new direct reading guy tension meter measures more accurately, reliably and more conveniently than any other clamp on device available on the market. It can be used while adjusting the turnbuckle, for a quick, sure, and time saving operation in adjusting guy tensions. Much easier and more correct than using a comealong. Excellent for guy installation and change-out.

August 17, 2006

The most accurate and convenient tower analysis software, GUYMAST, is now even more affordable. GUYMAST now includes a monopole module that includes evaluaion of welds and slip joints. Guymast Inc. does not put its money into advertising, but into the software and support.

August 15, 2006

The Ice Tent built a year ago to protect 108 cars and pedestrians against damage from ice falling of the 1000 ft broadcast tower and its guys in central Ontario has now gone through one winter successfully. It even proved useful in summer, because it provides partial shade, protecting cars against the sun as well.


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