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Recent Projects

     Design of new structures:

  • Design of an ice tent over a 120 car studio parking lot under a 1000 ft tall guyed tower;
  • Design and preparation of fabrication and installation drawings for a series of new catalog towers for a major American tower supplier;
  • Design of a number of 350 ft. flare stacks and their supporting towers;
  • Design of stealth towers for wireless applications in sensitive areas;
  • Design of wind turbine supporting towers of both lattice and tubular design, including tilt-up models;
  • Design of Mutli-tower arrays for AM and short wave radio.


     Design of tower upgrades:

  • Design of economical upgrades and their detailing for 15 guyed towers that saved the owner hundreds of thousands of dollars over the quoted cost for a competitor's design;
  • Design of upgrades for a monopole to reduce its tilt at the top;
  • Design of leg reinforcing for a lattice self suppoting tower that saved the four carriers $60,000.00 over the next best proposal.

     Project Management and Monitoring of Construction:

  • Monitored construction on 10 sites in northern Canada (near Alaska), saving the purchaser hundreds of thousand of dollars in extra charges to which they are normally exposed, because the short construction season and the expenses associated with site access in the environmentally sensitive and remote northern terrain.


  • Investigation of the collapse of a 1400 ft. guyed tower;
  • Investigation of the failure of a 120 ft. high net on a golf driving range;
  • Investigation of the failure of an 80 ft. span roof truss.
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