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Tower Analysis

Before we begin our tower analysis, we check the information received against a Tower Information Checklist to see that all data necessary to complete a thorough structural analysis has been provided. Outstanding information is gathered from the client, tower designer or manufacturer, if possible, otherwise assumptions have to be made to complete the analysis. The more complete and accurate the information, the more quickly and reliably the analysis can be performed.

Taking data from drawings, photographs and other information provided by the client, or obtained by us, we model the tower geometry, member sizes and appurtenances (including feedlines, antennas and appropriate wind and ice loadings) in MASTLOD . This program calculates wind, ice and gravity loads and creates input data to be used in MAST and GUYMAST to perform the structural analysis. DRAWMAST creates a profile of the tower studied. All input and output files are checked for accuracy, and corrections made as needed.

Next, capacity resistances, or the amount of force each member is able to resist are calculated under the methods outlined in the relevant design Standard to determine maximum calculated overloads and overstresses, if any, in tower members and guy cables, as well as maximum deflections, tilt and twist values. Output can be viewed in graphical form using DRAWFORCE.

After the analysis has been thoroughly checked by another engineer, a detailed Structural Analysis Report is prepared for the client. Enough time and care is put into this step to ensure that the report is clear and concise.

It must be remembered that these reports may be used by people and for purposes not originally intended, so they must be better than easy to understand; they must not be easy to misunderstand.

Depending on the results of our analysis and the client's requirements, the report may include a Recommendations section outlining the upgrades necessary to bring the tower into compliance with the design Standard.

Our work does not end with delivery of the report. We remain available to answer the client's questions, and we keep the information handy so that follow-up analyses can be performed quickly and efficiently.

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