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Who should do my tower design, a tower manufacturer or a tower consultant?

That really depends on what your needs are. If your needs are for a tower that is of standard design that is routinely produced by certain fabricators, then the most cost and time efficient way is to have the tower manufacturer design the tower. If, on the other hand, your tower has to be of an unusual design, your best bet is to have it done by an engineering consultant with considerable experience in tower analysis and design.

The engineers in a fabricator's shop are typically limiting their work to the normal product line that is most profitable. After all the steel shop is there to sell steel, not to do engineering. The engineering consulting that they may do (which is opinion but not really consulting at all, partly because of their built-in conflict of interest) is just for retaining or attracting purchasers, not for the purpose of providing responsible consulting advice.

Even if you have a fabricator design the tower, it is wise to have a design review performed by an independent consulting engineer.


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